30 Mar 2018

How to Identify and Repair a Hail Damaged Roof Being professional roofing contractors we know all too well the damage hailstorms can do. Hailstorms produce balls of ice ranging in size from a few centimeters up to nearly 6″ in diameter. A 6″ piece of hail is pretty rare, and would certainly do major damage […]

29 Mar 2018

Roof Care After The Storm Storms are deadly. And the worst suffers are the roofs. Immediately after the passing away of the squall a routine check of the roof should be made. The checking should be from one end to the other without any slip up. A single hole or neglected spot might multiply later […]

28 Mar 2018

Causes of Roof Damage A roof is an essential, if not one of the most important, components to your home. There are many things that can break down the roof’s ability to do what it was originally designed to do that cannot be seen without professional inspections by those who are trained to identify those […]

27 Mar 2018

Step-By-Step Roofing Services After a Storm For many, springtime is a precarious time of year in terms of weather and its effects on your home. Spring and early summer are often very busy times of year for roofing companies. Heavy rains, hail, high winds and tornados threaten the integrity of your roof and sometimes necessitate […]

26 Mar 2018

Evaluating Roof Damage After a Hailstorm Hail can range in size from tiny marbles to golf balls and it can cause a lot of damage to roofs. The hard impact can damage shingles and expose the roofing materials underneath to the elements. Homeowners insurance will often cover the expenses, but claims are not always approved […]

23 Mar 2018

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement? How to Decide Own a property long enough and you will have problems. If you buy an old home and don’t upgrade it or renovate it, then you will have problems sooner than later. Even new homes can have some structural problems due to exposure to weather extremes. Most roofing […]

22 Mar 2018

Roof Hail Damage Claim – Steps to Take When it comes to caring for your house, you need to make sure that you’re properly insured. For different people, this is going to mean different things. For example, if you live in a city where it is hardly ever below freezing weather, then you aren’t going […]

20 Mar 2018

Roof Hail Damage: What Should You Do? There is a very good chance you may need an inspection for roof hail damage at some point if you live in Texas. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in Texas as well as many other heartland states. These storms are often violent and cause massive property damage from […]

20 Mar 2018

Why Rain Gutter Required In Your Home? Usually the rain Gutters are commonly unnoticed part in most of the houses though it should be the most important part. It is seriously needed in those areas where an average rainfall exists throughout the most of the month of a year. Installing rain Gutters in your house […]