27 Apr 2018

Roofing! 5 Things You Must Know About Your Roof! You never think about it, yet it’s the most important safety-net between you and the elements while you’re sleeping at night. Even though it’s certainly not glamorous like a new car, your roof is vital to your family’s well being. When deciding whether or not to […]

25 Apr 2018

Your Roof and Your Homeowners Insurance As a homeowner it is your responsibility to ensure the integrity of your roof. After all, the roof is the largest and most supporting structure of your home. If the roof is damaged, the interior of the home will likely become damaged. Having a roof repaired or replaced can […]

23 Apr 2018

Metal Roof and Insurance What will be your first step when the devastating hurricane just hit your city and left serious damage on your roof? You’re most likely to call your insurance company and claim for the damages, right? But how sure you are that your claim will be granted? Reality wise, house insurance companies […]

20 Apr 2018

Hailstorm Help – Choosing a Roofing Contractor Following any major hailstorm in the United States, homeowners in the affected area are hit with another storm; hundreds of roofing contractors! It can be very confusing for homeowners to know how to navigate through all the flyers and brochures and decide on which contractor to hire. Unfortunately […]

18 Apr 2018

Storms Can Cause Serious Roof Damage With the intensity of recent storms increasing, a lot of homeowners are wondering if these natural occurrences can damage their roof. The short answer is yes. In fact if a strong storm passes through your area I would highly recommend that you get it checked immediately. Damage to your […]

16 Apr 2018

Hail Roof Damage – What to Look For If you live in an area that is subject to hail, then you will want to know how to detect hail roof damage so that you can claim it with your insurance company. It does take a trained eye to easily spot it with one look. But […]

13 Apr 2018

Tips For Handling Hail Damage to Your Roof Do you live in a region of the country that’s impacted by hail? If so, have you ever stopped to wonder what all those frozen balls of precipitations might be doing to your roof? If not, maybe you should. Here are some tips on how you make […]

10 Apr 2018

Checking Your Roof for Hail Damage When the seasons change, there comes the change in the weather. With the summer and spring comes heavy rains, and sometimes there is a sudden drop in the temperature and hail is formed. Hail can be an amazing feat of nature, but it can also be one of the […]